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Territorio Dinópolis

Far from being just a leisure and cultural park located in the city of Teruel, Dinopolis is structured in a paleontological route in the country. Visitors will be able to go deeper and deeper in the world of dinosaurs thanks to this project consisting of five different theme centers among the province.

Each of these subsidiary centers, -settled in Albarracin, Rubielos de Mora, Castellote, Galve and Peñarroya de Tastavins– is in charge of a particular topic on paleontology. The real purpose is to help the tourists finding out the mysteries and showing them the paleontological discoveries in the province of Teruel:


Pol. de los Planos s/n • 44002 • Teruel (Teruel) • Tel.: +34 902448000 • Fax.: +34 978617718
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Mar Nummus (Albarracín)

Since this part of the province used to be mainly sea floor 150 million years ago, in this center you will discover the evolution of a fossil, because there exists an excellent fossil collection including crocodiles, sponges, bivalves and ammonites. The most important piece is the stunning life-like Liopleurodon, the largest aquatic predator.

Marnumus2otrasinfo Information
Camino de Gea, s/n • 44100 Albarracín (Spain)
Tlf.: (+34) 978 776 047

Bosque Pétreo or Stone Forest (Castellote)

This subsidiary deals with paleo-botany and is settled in Castellote. There you will find a rich collection of fossil trunks, many of which were found at a site called Barranquillo, located in the Castellote. In addition, you will experience a didactic approach on Paleo-geography and you will be explained how this science works and deals with fossil dating.


Calle San Macario, 7 • 44560 Castellote (Spain)
Tlf.: (+34) 902 448 000
Legendark (Galve)

Dinópolis subsidiary in Galve focuses on letting us know the early dinosaur discoveries. In fact, this town is considered to be the origin of paleontology in Spain, not only for being a unique place but for the numerous remains found in this small location of Teruel. We can see dinosaur footprints (called “ignitas”) or fossilized eggs and all kinds of flying reptiles, amphibians, fishes, mammal remains, and many others.

legendark2 legendark1
Calle del Molino, s/n • 44168 Galve (Spain)
Tlf.: (+34) 902 448 000
Inhóspitak (Peñarroya de Tastavins)

The scientific and leisure Inhospitak exhibition hall shows the discovery of Tastavinsaurio, one of the biggest sauropod ever found. It name has its origins in the place where the dinosaur was found in Matarraña region in Teruel. Besides the colossal size of the remains -this giant was considered to be approximately 17 meters height- , there you can experience, from a didactic point of view, the process of working in a paleontological site.

inhospitak2 inhospitak1
Calle Ramón y Caja, s/n • 44586 Peñarroya de Tastavins (Spain)
Tlf.: (+34) 978 617 718 • Tlf.: (+34) 978 896 906
Región Ambarina (Rubielos de Mora)

In the vicinity of Rubielos de Mora there is one of the unique fossilized lakes existing in the world, so this is the main subject of the Dinopolis exhibition hall in this location. As it is related to amber, in this place you can discover how to find and study samples with traces of amber animals, mainly insects, dating millions of years ago.

regionambarina2 regionambarina1Information
Ctra. de Nogueruelas, s/n • 44415 Rubielos de Mora (Spain)
Tlf.: (+34) 902 448 000
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