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Los Amantes de Teruel – The Lovers

The romantic story, known as the Lovers of Teruel, dates from the 13th century. In the city there were two influent and wealthy families, Marcilla and Segura. Diego was from Marcilla family whereas Isabel was from Segura family. He was the second son of his family, and therefore he had no rights of inheritance. On the contrary, Isabel was the only daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the city. Under these conditions, their love could only succeed if Diego reached an agreement with Isabel’s father: he would leave Teruel for five years to build his fortune and if he was able to gain wealth within those five years he could marry his love. He enrolled the Christian troops fighting against the Moors invasion with a promise to get rich. Meanwhile, Isabel waited in Teruel refusing marriage proposals from many of the nobles of the city and disobeying her father, who wanted her to marry soon.The time passed by and there were no news about Diego, so Isabel got married obeying her father. After five years waiting for Diego’s return, she didn’t expect him to be back in the city with the promised wealth. As he hadn’t heard of the wedding, that night Diego sneaked into the bedroom ask Isabel for a first and last kiss. She refused, as now she was a married woman, and he, with such desolation, died on her feet. Next day, during the Diego’s funeral , and as she was aware of his misfortune, Isabel approached the lifeless body of her beloved, according to tradition, give a kiss to the man who she had refused, but doing so Isabel died, falling prostrate on the body of the man whom she loved.. Once the romantic story was known, the remains of the lovers were buried side by side in one of the chapels in San Pedro Church.

In 1555, during some building works in this church, the couple’s remains were found buried together and they were immediately considered to be the Lovers of Teruel. It was not until 1619 when, thanks to the discovery of a document dating from the 14th century, called “Historia de los Amantes de Teruel”, the legend became a part of history; the bodies were identified and the facts were confirmed.

The remains of the Lovers of Teruel can now be visited in an attached interpreting center of San Pedro Church. Thanks to this exhibition hall you can have further information to set the love story in a context. Moreover, some writers thought history such as Tirso de Molina and Juan Eugenio Hartzenbusch, musicians or even painters such as Thomas Breton andMuñoz Degrain have been inspired by this romantic story.

Along with the visit to the Mausoleum, Fundación Amantes -a foundation coping with all this cultural richness-, guided tours to know the mudejar style Church and the Tower are available. Furthermore, there are educational workshops and entertainment activities for the youngest visitors to be really immersed in the impressive medieval heritage.


Mausoleo Amantes
C/ Matías Abad, 3 … 44001 Teruel (Spain) … Tlf.: (+34) 978 618 398


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